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The year 1953 saw the dawn of the department of Prosthetics along with the establishment of the this esteemed Dental College. 1979 was when the post-graduate course was established by a pioneer in Prosthetics and Gnathology specialist- Dr. E.G.R.Solomon.
The post graduate course in the department of Prosthodontics was first started in the year 1979.Dr.M.Vasantha kumar and Dr.Anitha Simon were the first batch of MDS Students in Prosthetic dentistry both of them were working as lecturers in the institution with BDS qualification
At present there are 6 post-graduates per year. The MDS course is of 3 years duration at the end of which a thesis , library dissertation and seminars have to be submitted according to MGR University rules.

The complete attendance and punctuality of students and staff members and their global service to the humanity makes this institution prestigious and unparalleled .
The first department to start  the PhD programme  and two candidates  have registered. Dr.Ramkumar  Asst Professor of  Prosthtics of Tamil andu Government Dental College  and Dr.C.Gunasekar ,MDS Senior                have been admitted  for the Ph.D Programme

Average Out patient strength is about 100-120 patients per day. Both under –graduate and post-graduates undertake prosthetic work along with dental mechanics providing lab support for o.p work alone.
 The current prosthodontic department is comprised of 11 faculty members,2 staff nurses,4 dental technicians and 1 male nursing assistant.
This is the only department that sees under-graduates right from First BDS to Final BDS!
Dr.K.S.G.A.NASSER M.D.S.,                                                 :Professor &Principal
Dr.C. THULASINGAM  M.D.S,                                           : Professor & HOD
Dr.A. MEENAKSHI  M.D.S.,                                                  : Professor
Dr.C. SABARI GIRINATHAN M.D.S.,                                : Associate Professor
Dr.P.RUP KUMAR M.D.S.,                                                    : Assistant Professor
Dr.G.SRI RAM PRABHU M.D.S.,                                          :Assistant Professor
Dr.T. JAYANTHI KUMARI M.D.S.,                                    : Assistant Professor
Dr.G.GOMATHI M.D.S.,                                                         : Assistant Professor
Dr.VINAYAGAM,MDS                                                                           : Assistant Professor
Dr.K.RAMKUMAR M.D.S.,                                                    : Assistant Professor
Dr.M.KANMANI M.D.S.,                                                       : Assistant Professor
Dr.V.HARISHNATHM.D.S.,                                                 : Assistant Professor
 Dr.K.S.Gamal Abdul Nasser,MDS.,

Cast Partial denture: Laboratory step by step
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K.S.Gamal Abdul Nasser, was born in Ramanathapuram,Tamil nadu on 11th June 1956.  After completing his high school studies, he commenced his Undergraduate studies in BDS at Madras Medical College &  Hospital affiliated to Madras University, Chennai with three Gold Medals from Madras Medical College and Two Madras University prizes in the year 1977 and completed one year of House surgeon programme.
After completing his BDS degree he has joined in Tamil Nadu Medical Service in the year 1979 worked in Government Royapettah Hospital, enrolled for his Master degree in MDS at Madras Dental College, Chennai and completed the same in the year 1984.  Joined as Tutor in Department of Prosthodontics promoted as Assistant Professor of Prosthetics guide the UG and PG students of Tamil Nadu Government Dental College and Hospital, Chennai.  Worked as Assistant Professor in Dental Surgery Stanley Medical College, Kilpauk Medical College and promoted as Professor of Dental Surgery at Chengalpattu Medical College.  Worked as Deputy Superintendent and Vigilance Officer of Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai.  From the year December 2006 working as the Principal, Tamil nadu Government Dental College and Hospital,Chennai.
Dr.K.S.Gamal Abdul Nasser was able to get  the land of 52grounds and 1365 Sq.ft  and establish a big building  and the same was opened by the Hon’ble Chief Minister  on 03 03 2012 at a cost of Rs.20.63crores .  Hon’ble Chief minister declared the college as centre of Excellence  and allotted another 10crores.
He has published 4 papers in National Journals attended various program in Germany and USA.  He has been recipient of SONI award, Chittranjan award, Sanjeevi award for the community service rendered to the Poor corporation school Children.
Research and Publication
S.no Name Publication details
1. Dr.C.Thulasingam Prof. & HOD National
1.  Palato-orbital prosthesis –Attach or
Detach-A case report(2011)
2. Comparision of Obturator design for acquried maxillary defect in completely edentulous patient.(2011)
3. Single tray dual impression for distal extension removable partial denture(An alternative method)(2008)
4. Evaluation of design parameters of dental implant shape, diameter and length on stress distribution: A finite element analysis(2010)
5. Prosthodontics-Is it versatile?(2009)
6. Prosthodontic management of segmental mandibulectomy patient with guiding appliance and overlay denture(2011)

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