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The average monthly census of patients attenance seeking treament at various speciality Departments in Tamil nadu Government Dental College are as follows:

  • Oral Cancer: 9 patients
  • Pre-cancerous Lesions: 85 patients
  • Intra Oral X-Rays: 3131
  • Extra Oral X-Rays: 250
  • No. of Extractions: 7396
  • No. of Minor Surgeries: 277
  • No. of Major Surgeries: 39
  • No. of In Patients: 22
  • No. of various Conservative procedures: 3343
  • No of Prosthodontic procedures: 1496
  • No. of Orthodontic procedures: 2579
  • No. of Periodontic procedures: 3523
  • No. of Pediatric Patients: 1602
  • No. of Histo-pathological studies & smear studies: 73
  • No. of camps organized: 15
  • Out Patient strength for the year 2006 is 2,70,422. (Two Lakh seventy thousand four hundred and twenty two only)

The treatment procedures and the drugs are given at free of cost for poor patients. This is the biggest referral dental hospital drawing cases form various medical institutions and Government Hospitals of Tamilnadu. The staff have an Excellent rapport with the Medical college. The outpatient department has facilities of ICTC for testing HIV/AIDS

  1. Theatre facilities and in patient bed:- In addition to a surgical theatre at Dental college , the main theatre facilities are a available at Govt. General hospital.
  2. Department of Oral Surgery has beds in Male ward, Female Ward and in Children ward under the Head of the Oral Surgery department.

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