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The science of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry is focused towards delivering effective and efficient Dental care for children and adolescents while instilling a positive Dental attitude.

The science nests broadly on the application of child psychology, behavior management and treatment of both normal and special children. Children being as unpredictable and incredible as mother nature, they need the loving care of Pedodontists.

The various treatments carried out in the department are- restorations, extractions, root canal treatment, habit-breaking appliances, space maintainers, space regainers, esthetic crowns, mixed dentition orthodontics, minor surgical procedures for children upto 14 years of age.

The treatment modalities are aimed at preserving and restoring the integrity of the arches and the dento-facial complex.

The future plans are to do more research work in mixed dentition orthodontics, caries assessment tool development and caries control.
Dr. G.UshaRaoMDS,                :       Professor & HOD I/c
Dr.S. SuganthiMDS,                 :       AssistantProfessor
Dr.V. RevathyMDS,                  :       AssistantProfessor
Dr. J. ShanthiSwarupMDS,       :       AssistantProfessor

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