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          The course curriculum for BDS includes lectures, practical and patient treatment. Students are also put in lab work to fabricate and process the various appliances in addition to succinct case discussions to enlighten the student as to diagnosis and treatment planning for Orthodontic cases. Following up of the patient is also encouraged.
The final year BDS- ORTHODONTICS examination is also interactive aimed at developing an innate understanding of the student’s work.
As CRRIs, the candidate has to abide by the requisite norm of diagnosing and treating malocclusions requiring fabrication of special appliances like functional, orthopedic and expansion appliances. This is in addition to the daily Out-Patient clinic management and seminars /group discussions. CRRIs are also encouraged to record and present scientific papers at the Clinical Society Meetings in the Hospital as well as State Dental Conferences. At the end of the year, interns are assessed and marks given based on performance.

MDS students follow a schedule of Pre-Clinical laboratory work for the first 6-9 months following which they enter the clinics for treating patients. The Pre-Clinical lab work includes basic wire bending exercises, simple removable appliances, functional appliances, Begg mechanotherapy on Typodont and Straight wire exercises as well as soldering experiments. Orthodontic patients maintain strict timing and regular appointments. Well maintained records, computerized and easy-to-recall, are the pride of the department.
Seminars, Journal Clubs, Library dissertation and Thesis - this is the exhaustive schedule of Post-Graduates. The course being 3 years duration, it equips ythe student for both clinical practice and further research work and teaching. Many alumni have been successful in Membership and Fellowship examinations and National Boards given by Indian and Foreign Boards. There are active participants in post-graduate student’s conventions and Indian Orthodontic Conferences where students present papers and posters in addition to attending lecture/ demonstrations.

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