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A board outline of theoritical, clinical and practical courses.
1. Applied anatomy, Physiology, biochemistry of the periodontium.
2. Characteristic of periodontal disease, etiology, pathogenesis and microbiology
3. Periodontal therapeutics.
4. Surgical aspects of periodontics.
5. Traumatic periodontal disturbances.
6. Interrelationship of periodontics with other dental and medical clinical disciplines
7. Public health aspects of periodontal disease-preventive periodontics.
8. Current advances in periodontics.
Clinical Proficiency: A candidate should attain clinical proficiency by treating not less than 50 cases of periodontal disease involving different therapeutic techniques.
The MDS written examination shall consist of four papers, out of which two shall be pertaining to the subject one in Applied Basic Sciences and one shall be Essays with emphasis on recent advances. Each papers shall be of 3 hours duration.
Clinical and practical examination of not less than 2 days duration involving case studies, diagnosis and treatment methods used in treating periodontal diseases.

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