::Courses : MDS : Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics

1. The MDS Programme should consist of seminars on various subjects on Orthodontics like growth and development, anthropology, genetics, embryology, statistics, nutrition, normal occlusion and variations, malocclusions, etiology of maloccusions, radiology and cephalometrics, preventive and interceptive orthodontics, corrective orthodontics, development of orthodonotic appliance and techniques, histological changes related to orthodontic treatment and retention.
2. Practical training should consist of preparing orthodontic study models, fabrication of various components of removable and fixed appliances and fabrication of complete appliances.
3. Clinical training should consist of preparing case records, appliances and treatment of different types of malocclusions by different mechanisms.
4. Dissertation.
5. Case presentation the candidate should prepare a complete record of atleast five fully treated cases by any techniques and present the same at the practical examination. Case presentation and discussion of the same will form an important part of the practical examination.
The MDS written examination shall consist of four papers out of which two shall be pertaining to the subject, one in Applied Basic Sciences and one shall be in Essays with emphasis on recent advances.
Each paper shall be of three hours duration.
Clinical practical and viva-voce examination of not less than two days duration involving diagnosis, case analysis and treatment planning of a case and discussion of the same followed by the fabrication of a fixed and removable and functional appliance.

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