::Courses : MDS : Oral Medicine & Radiology

A broad outline of theoritical, clinical and practical courses:
1. Clinical pathology and microbiology as applied to oral and facial lesions.
2. Congenital and hereditary disorders involoving lesions of orofacial region.
3. Systemic disease with oral manifestations
4. Haematological, dermatological and neurological conditions with oral manifestations.
5. Salivary glands disorders
6. Diseases of reticulo-endothelial system and autoimmune diseases.
7. T.M.J. dys function.
8. Allergy, forensic odontology and other miscellaneous conditions.
9. Neoplasms and premaligant lesions
10. Therapy in above conditions
1. Principles of radio physics and radiations
2. Hazards of radiation
3. Radiological techniques of head and neck region
4. Radiological anatomy of head and neck and interpretation of X-ray films
5. Traces in diagnosis.
The MDS written examination shall consist of 4 papers out of which two shall be pertaining to the subject, one in applied basic sciences and one shall be Essays with emphasis on recent advances. Each paper shall be of 3 hours duration.
Clinical and practical and viva voce examination of not less than two days duration involving case studies, diagnosis and treatment planning for oral diseases, radiological technique and radio diagnosis to demonstrate the candidates proficiency.

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