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Rules of the College:

(Parents and students must read and familiarize themselves with the rules of the college and extend full co-operation.)
1.       Every student must possess a college diary.
2.       Students must be in lecture hall 5 minutes before the scheduled lecture and OP clinic hours.
3.       Clinical students must report to the respective Departments in time.
4.       Dress code: It is compulsory for every student to come to college neatly with formal dress. Wearing the coat with the name badge is compulsory during OP hours and in the lab.
5.       Wearing Jeans and T-shirts, leggings, Sleeveless Blouses, chappals, Sports shoes, Fancy jewellery, Flowers or any derogatory dresses during college and hospital working hours is prohibited.
6.       Students must keep their hair tidy, neat and well combed. Girls having long hair should have their hair tied up properly and neatly.
7.       Wearing a cap and masks is mandatory for the student’s safety at the lab and clinic.
8.       All students are answerable to the college authorities for their misbehavior.
9.       Students are responsible for their books and belongings.
10.    Students are strictly forbidden from bringing Mobile phones to the classrooms, clinics &labs.
11.    Every student is instructed to utilize the library for study purposes only.
12.    Students are expected to take part in the co-curricular activities and clinical society meetings organized by the college authorities. Clinical society meetings will be held on Third Wednesday of everymonth.
13.    PG students should attend the PG symposium that will be held on fourth Thursday of every month.
14.    Cash collection by students is not permitted. If done for any purpose requires the prior sanction by the college authorities.
15.    Any communication (request/complaint) made by the parents should be addressed to The Principal, Tamil Nadu Government Dental College.
16.    Parents are expected to co-operate with the working of the college by enforcing discipline, punctuality and regularity on their wards.
17.    Reports sent to parents should be duly signed by the parent, taken note of and returned to the college promptly.
18.    Parents are requested to keep track of their wards’progress.

19.    Medical leave will be granted only on production of medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner.
20.    Irregular attendance, absence without prior permission (non-submission of leave application), non-submission of leave letters, insubordination to teacher and any kind of cheating and misconduct or any habit and behavior objectionable to the management of the college are sufficient reasons for punishments like warnings, suspension, eviction from hostel.
21.    Railway concession will be given for students only once a year for the summer vacation to travel to their home town only.
22.    Request for bonafide letters must reach the college office well in advance.
23.    No student must stay away from attending college / leaving hostel except for unavoidable reasons. A written application in the prescribed format available in the college diary should be submitted.
24.    Smoking and consumption of alcohol and substance abuse is strictly forbidden.
25.    Haphazard parking of student’s two wheelers and four wheelers in the College campus is to be avoided.
26.    Interns are permitted to avail 12 days of leave during their entire CRI period
27.    PGs are permitted to avail 12 days of leave per year.
28.    All hostelites must abide by rules and regulations of hostel.

Conduct and Behaviour

The college is particular about the conduct and behaviour of the student. Good behaviour is expected in all aspects.
1.       Courtesy and good manners.
2.       Self-discipline and self-control.
3.       Neatly dressed every day.
4.       Punctuality.
5.       Humane approach to the patients.
6.       Honorable behaviour during exams and tests.
7.       Good behaviour in the classrooms and corridors.
8.       Work ethics.
Respect to Teachers, Fellow Students & All staffs.

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