::Courses : BDS : III BDS Syllabus
1. Aims and objectives, 2.Developmental distrubances of dental, oral and para-oral structure including hereditary disorders, 3.Dental Caries, 4.Pulpal and periapical pathosis and their sequelae, 5. Environmental lesions of the oral and para-oral structure, 6.Defence mechanism of oral tissues and healing following injuries, 7.Diseases of periodonal ligament, gingivae and cementum, 8.Effects of nutritional disturbances and hormonal disorders on the oral and para-oral stucture, 9.Infectious disease of oral mucosa, 10.Bone disorders affecting jaws, 11.Cysts of oral cavity, 12.Precancerous lesions - etiology and pathology, 13.Neoplasms of Oral cavity, 14. Diseases of salivary and lymph glands, 15.Diseases of Tempero - Mandibular joint, 16.Diseases of Nerves, skin, blood and their implications of Oral Tissues, 17.Effects of radiation on oral and para-oral tissues, 18.Oral Microbiology, 19.Important syndromes of oral cavity and associates, 20.Oral manifestation in systemic disorders, 21.Diseases of Maxillary sinus, 22.Oral ulcers and stomatitis including alveolar bone, 23.Oral manifestation of AIDS, 24.Auto immune disease, 25.White .lesions & bullous lesions, 26.Oral Virology.
(1) Identification of hard and soft tissue specimen.
(2) Identification of histo pathological and microbiological slides.
(3) Biopsy and Exfoliative cytology technique
Lectures ...... 50 Hours
Practicals ..... 90 Hours
Total ............ 140 Hours
Aims of Medicine, Definition of diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. History taking and physical examination of a medical case. Medical emergencies in dental practice.
G.I. Disorders:
Stomatitis, Glossitis, gastritis, Diarrhoea, Amoebiasis, Ascites, malabsorption syndrome.
Jaundice, Viral hepatitis, cirrhosis liver, Tender hepatomegaly.
Cardiovascular System:
Congenital heart disease, Classification, Rheumatic heart disease Subacute bacterial endocarditis. Congestive heart failure, Left Ventricular failure, Hypertension. Coronary artery disease.
Respiratory System:
Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Emphysema, Lung Abscess, Eosinophilia, Pulmonary Embolism, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Respiratory Failure.
Renal Diseases :
Acute glomerulo Nephritis, Nephrotic syndrome.
Anaemia, Coagulation defects, Bleeding disorders Agranulocytosis, Leukemia, Oral manifestations of hematological disorders, lymphadenopathy and splenomegaly.
Central Nervous System:
Meningitis, Facial Palsy, facial pain, epilepsy. Head ache, syncope.
Nutritional and Metabolic:
Balanced diet, Normal daily Protein, Calories requirements, Malnutrition Avitaminosis. Diabetes mellitus, calcium homeostasis.
Endocrine Disorders:
Hypo Thyroid & Hyper thyroid, Hypo and Hyperpituitary. Hypo and Hyper parathyroid.
Enteric fever: Mumps-Viral exanthema - Diphtheria - STD
Allergy - Drug reactions - Drug interactions - Evaluation of a case for general anaesthesia
Bronchiectasis: Lung Cancer: Oral manifestation of systemic disorders.
Lectures .... 50 Hours
Practicals .. 90 Hours
Total ......... 140 Hours
1. Introduction to Surgery. Classification of diseases. 2.Inflammation, soft tissue and hard tissue-causes, varieties sequalae and treatment, 3.Infections - Acute and Chronic, Abscess. Carbuncle Sinus, Fistula, Ulceration, Gangrene, Cellulitis Erysipelas Septicaemia, Pyaemia, Toxaemia, Cancrum Oris, Tuberculosis. Syphilis, Gonorrhaea, Actinomycosis, Anthrax Tetanus, 4.Wounds - complications, Treatment, Repair, Asepsis and Antiseptic Measures and procedure, Haemorrhage and its treatment Haemophilia, Syncope, Shock, Collapse, Head injury - Introduction, 5.Cysts and new growths - Their general consideration, 6.Diseases of the Lymphatic glands, 7.Out line of diseases of the mouth, lips, tongue, palate, tonsils and salivary glands, 8.Infections and diseases of the Larynx, Tracheostomy, 9.Nervous system injury of Facial nerves, paralysis, Trigeminal Neuralgia, 10.Principles of Surgical treatments, diathermy and radium treatment. 11.Fracture - General Principles of treatment, 12.Cleft lip and cleft palate. 13.Thyroid and parathyroid, 14.Swelling of jaws, care of the acutely injured 15.Use of C.T.Scan, MRI & Ultrasonography in evaluation of lesions of head & neck, 16.Grafts, 17.Suturing, 18. Resuscitation methods; first aid, 19. Burns, 20.Blood transfusion, 21.Benign & malignant lesion of the jaws.
(i) Case Sheet writing and Demonstrations
(ii) Ward procedure, Including wound dressing
Lectures ..... 50 Hours
Practicals .... 90 Hours
Total .......... 140 Hours
1. Operative and Conservative Dentistry
Class I - Silver Amalgam Cavity
(Lower- 10 + Upper 5)
2. Prosthetics
Removal partial Dentures No. 30
Non clinical fixed partial denture - 1 case
3. Periodontia -Hand scaling 100 cases along with final year

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