::: : Hostel Facilities
Separate hostel for Boys and Girls has been allocated in annexure building of Tamil Nadu Govt. Dental College & Hospital, Chennai.
Boy’s hostel has three floors to accommodate 100 students. Girl’s hostel consists of five floors with 15 rooms in each floor.
Area 9559Sqft
Rooms available 75no
Warden room 1no
Caretaker room 1no
Visitor room 1no
Dining hall 1no
Lounge 1no
Warden:           Dr.M.P.Sumathy
Asst. Warden:  Dr.J.Gandhimathy
Area 6200Sqft
Rooms available 10 no
Twin sharing room 6 no
Triple sharing room 3 no
Warden room 1no
Dining hall 1no
Warden:           Capt. Dr.Reghu
Asst. Warden:  Dr.Shabeer Ahamed

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