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The department of Conservative dentistry and endodontics deals with the treatment of diseases pertaining to the tooth which aims at preservation of natural tooth to maintain its function and esthetics.The post-graduate course in Endodontics was commenced in 1972 in the Madras Dental college.
            A student who joins BDS first year starts learning about various dental restorative materials from this specialty and the student is under the continuance guidance of this department during this entire 5 years course  period. The intake of BDS per year is 100 students.
            The post graduate MDS course in this department is 3 years course with the intake of 6 PG students per year.
The following is thevarious treatment procedures done in this department for the general public from a simple filling to high end esthetic procedure.
  1. Fillings                                    - silver amalgam, metal, composite, esthetic fillings.
  2. Endodontic procedures           -Root canal treatment, Pulpotomy, Apexification.
  3. Crowns                                    - Metal ,Ceramic
  4. Esthetic Enhancement Procedure – Bleaching , Veneering.
  5. Periapical surgical procedures.
The above treatment procedures are done by the UG/PG students according to their level & scope and Faculty which is benefited by the patient totally free of cost or only minimal charges as said by The Government.
Dr. M.KavithaMDS,                       :       Professor &HOD
Dr. B.RamaprabhaMDS,                :       Professor
Dr.K.AmudhalakshmiMDS.,          :       Professor (On deputation)
Dr. A.Nandhini MDS,                     :       AssociateProfessor
Dr. P.ShakunthalaMDS,                  :       AssociateProfessor
Dr. M.S.SharmilaMDS,                  :       Assistant Professor
Dr. M.SudharshanaRanjaniMDS,   :       Assistant Professor
Dr. S.JothilathaMDS,                      :      AssistantProfessor
Dr. S.VenkateshMDS,                     :      Assistant Professor
Dr. S.DhanalakshmiMDS,              :       AssistantProfessor
Dr. B.BakthavatchalamMDS,         :       Assistant Professor
Dr. S.VelayudhamMDS,                 :       AssistantProfessor
Dr. M.PadmapriyaMDS,                 :      AssistantProfessor

Research and Publication
S.no Name & Designation Publication details
1 Dr.M.Kavitha Prof. & HOD International
1.Comparision of anaeshetic efficiency of 4%atricaine & 2%lidocaine for maxillary buccal infiltration in patients with irreversible pulpitis.(2009)
2.Comparision of reminrlization potential of CPP-ACP & CPP-ACP with 900ppm fluoride in eroded enamel-An in situ study(2010).
3.An innovative approach for management of vertical coronal fracture in molar-case report(2012)
1.Management of grossly mutilated central incisor using biological post &crown-A case report (2011).
2.Non invasive esthetic management of congenitally missing central incisor tooth using a condition specific custoum made matrix.(2011)
3.Ex vivo fracture resistance of endodontically treated maxillary central incisors restored with fiber reinforced composite post & experimental dentin posts.(2011)
2. Dr.S.Jaikailash Prof. National
1.Non invasive esthetic management of congenitally missing central incisor tooth using a condition specific custom made matrix.(2011)
2.Management of grossly mutilated central incisor using biological post & crown –A case report.(2011)
3. Dr.P.Ramaprabha Prof. National
Three dimensional helical computed tomographic evaluation of three obturation techniques:In vitro study(2011)
Prizes won by PG students(National Conventions)
S.no Name Title
1. Dr.M.sudharshana Ranjani Comparative evaluation of microhardness of conventional GIC and chitosan modified GIC – An in vitro study
2. Dr.K.Baskaran and Dr.S.Sathish Effects of bleaching agents on human enamel light reflectance
3. Dr.A.Akila and Dr.N.Smitha Contemporaray Remineralizing agents
4. Dr.M.R.Manjunath Mandhira Doss ‘U’-turn clinical case reports

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