::: : Anti Ragging

Ragging and eve teasing are strictly banned in &out of campus in accordance with the Supreme court order.

Punishable ingredients for ragging are:
  • Abetment of ragging.
  • Criminal conspiracy to ragging.
  • Unlawful assembly and rioting during ragging.
  • Public nuisance created during ragging.
  • Injuring to body. Hurt or grievious injury.
  • Wrongful restrainment of confinement.
  • Use of criminal force.
  • Assault or any kind of offences.
  • Exhortation.
  • Criminal intimidation.
  • Physical or Psychological humiliation.

Prohibition of ragging includes:

  • Ragging within the College campus.
  • Ragging in Hostels.
  • Ragging in private buildings where students stay.

Punshment includes:

  • Includes Suspension/ Dismissal instantaneously by the Principal.
  • Filing of FIR with police and arrest.
  • More severe punishments if proved.
  • Collective punishments may be imposed if individuals are unable to beidentified.

Anti-ragging Committee
  1. Chairperson
       Dr. G. Vimala
  1. Vice Principal
       Dr. C. Sabarigirinathan
  1. Secretary
       Dr. R. Bharathi
  1. Members
       Mr. Shankar Narayanan (Insp)
       Mr. Ramesh (NGO)
       Mr. Vijayraj (media)
       Dr. P. Reghu(Warden)
       Dr. M.P. Sumathy (Warden)
  1. Faculty member
       Dr. B. Ramaprabha
       Dr. P. Rupkumar
       Dr. A. Nandhini
       Dr. S. Vinayakam
       Dr. Mohammad Iqbal
       Dr. S.Venkatesh
       Dr. A. Sujatha
  1. Parent member
      Mr. G. Senthil
      Mr. R.Sudhakar
      Mrs. Gandhimathy
      Mrs. Vanitha Sridhar
      Mr. Samuel Sundar Singh
  1. Student member
      Mr. Dinesh
      Ms. Geetha Priyadharshini
Anti-ragging squad
  1. Secretary
       Dr. G. Sriram Prabhu
  1. Members
       Dr. P. Shakunthala
       Dr. M. Vijjaykanth
       Dr. S. Gnandeepam
       Dr. D. Nagarajan
       Dr. S.G. Ramesh Kumar
       Dr. Shanthi Swarup
        Dr. J. Dhanalakshmi


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