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Description Of The Emblem of Tamilnadu Govt. Dental College: The TUSKER: The elephant has been selected to symbolically represent the dental profession. With its large tusks and gentle nature, it is an ideal mascot, seen prominently on many emblems associated with the dental profession, including those of the Indian Dental Association and the Dental Council of India. CADUCEUS (The staff of mercury): It was originally the staff of Aesculapius, the emblem of the medical profession all around the world. The staff of Aesculapius has been represented by the trunk of the elephant to symbolize medico-dental harmony.. BOOK AND LIGHT: The book and the light represent the inextinguishable thirst for knowledge. THE TEMPLE: The awe inspiring, beautiful temple is a symbol of the TamilNadu State Government which finances the Government Dental College. ROUND PETALS numbering ten on either side represent the deciduous dentition. DUTY, DIGNITY AND DISCIPLINE These attributes are of prime importance in moulding character in all individuals, more so in those associated with the dental profession. THE THIRTY TWO LEAFED WREATH The thirty two leaved wreaths represents the thirty two permanent teeth which form the base of the dental profession.
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